Specialists in Custom Skating Rink Events

As both event designers, and skating professionals, CSE believes in finding solutions that meet expectations and please audiences.

Ice skating or roller skating, everyone loves skating, and if you can dream it, we can create it. CSE Events are popular with our clients because they are personal, memorable, and always "Chill". 


CSE Events works closely with customers to offer a variety of options, and event solutions, allowing everyone to feel part of the creative process, while we do our best to keep things easy, fun, and always on trend. We welcome every new client to Team Chill and look forward to being part of your next special event!

"Like magic, we can transform any space into a memorable skating venue."

the Original Popuprink Company

Drawing from our roots, skating is not just our job; it is our passion. Founded by an industry professional with more than 30+ years experience, and a technical designer, with extensive project management experience; our principal team brings their valuable years of expertise to the client relationship.

Plastic (synthetic) ice existed for decades, and in 2005 our company founder was the first to re-purpose its use for public events in the US, and launched an industry.  Its popularity grew quickly, and while others have tried to duplicate our work, we continue to be trailblazers as the 'Original PopUpRink Company'. 


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