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skating events


Our SKATESmart approach to skating events incorporates elements of technology, design, and effective event management policies to produce a quality event that follows public safety recommendations to  reduce the risk to guests, thereby creating a memorable experience. 

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Real ice is a great option for clients seeking long term rink venues, with significant budgets or sponsorship support with sufficient real estate to house the various equipment needed, and without limited time constraints for construction.


Synthetic ice appeals to clients with more limited resources, space and access to their venues. Furthermore, synthetic ice meets the needs of clients with 'green initiative' policies, who are seeking climate conscious options, focused on water conservation and limiting fossil fuel consumption.


We have adapted many of our  Popuprinks to allow for roller skating, and have introduced new floors designed specifically for these events. Now we can transform any space into a Retro RollerChill Dance Club, complete with barriers, and supply of quad or roller blade skates, and safety equipment.

Custom vibe

CHILL will customize any skating venue to suit each client's needs from design, to theme development, production, activation and program delivery.


How do I find out about how to host a skating event? Complete a Request for Proposal and we will send you Preliminary Estimate Proposal based on your initial requests.

How do I know if my location will work? Depending upon your location, we may be able to schedule a site visit, or simply send us location information, via photos, and video documentation for review. Our team will contact you with questions to discuss what they see, or address any concerns you may have.

What if we need to change our date, or cancel our event? For single day or weekend events, you must notify us of your intent to change or cancel your event within 2-7 days of your event. Events that extend 7+ days require a minimum of 14 days notice, and seasonal events require 30 days notice of change/cancellation. You may then reschedule for up to 6 months.


How do I proceed to booking? If you would like to book our services, or confirm an estimate, reply to you representative and reference your estimate. Our office will forward you an invoice, and service agreement.

What is needed to confirm my reservation? You must submit a deposit (25-50%), and sign a service agreement to confirm your booking.

Are you insured? Yes, we carry all necessary general liability insurance, and can provide additional insurance certificates and coverage to clients upon request.

We work in partnership with some of the world’s most iconic brands, resort/retail properties and entertainment talent.

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Each client is a potential long-term partner, and shares our vision to design a venue that delivers a guest experience. Clients come from a variety of industries including the worlds of hospitality, hotel/resorts, retail, municipal and corporate events, education, destination mgmt, military, major festivals, and attractions, etc. 


Every event features a skating activity, and each venue's design begins with a floor layout, perimeter borders, guest lounge area, supply of skates, and maintenance equipment. Then, we add any necessary lighting, signage, plus the finishing touches, and the site it ready to go!


All of the elements working together, blend to create the final ingredient; 'the vibe'. It's the vibrant colors, the 'Chill' soundtrack, the 'cool' costumes,, the 'style' of the hosts, the promotional gifts, and all of the special touches that blend together to create the sparkle that makes an event memorable. 

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