When only the 'real thing' will do! Customized ice skating events.  


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Real ice is a great option for clients seeking long term rink venues, with significant budgets or sponsorship support with sufficient real estate to house the various equipment needed, and without limited time constraints for construction.


Real Ice rink installation packages feature custom ice rink designs, perimeter railings, skater lounge areas, supply of ice skates, maintenance, and refrigeration equipment.


There are location, space and power considerations required for real ice skating venues. Clients need to have access to an appropriate location, with sufficient space, to house both the rink, equipment as well as an area for dumping snow, supply 3 phase power, plus continuous water access for the full duration of the installation.


Custom IceRinks.

CHILL will customize any skating venue to suit each client's needs from design, to theme development, production, activation and program delivery.


How much is the deposit? 25% deposit is required.

What are the power requirements? 3 phase power, 460/480 volts (208/230 volt is acceptable). Auxiliary power generators are subject to local rates.

What are the space requirements? In addition to the sq. footage needed for the rink area and skater lounge, an open area for snow dumping is required, plus an area for placement of refrigeration system and generators (if required).

Can you set up either type on grass or dirt? All rinks require a solid flat concrete surface to support construction. Uneven areas, like grass, require a sub-floor deck, or a sand box, to provide this level surface. We can provide this service if required.

How long does installation and/or removal take? Pending weather conditions, a typical installation and/or removal process can take 7-10 days.


What are the storage needs? An area is required to house storage for skates, and sharpening equipment, as well the ice resurfacer, and ice maintenance tools. This area can be placed in conjunction with guest services kiosk, or in separate areas.

Is guest services/staffing included? These services are not included in the rink price price, but can be requested at an additional contracted fee.

Weather policy? Chill makes no performance guarantee with regards to the guest experience, and reserves the right to shut down operations in the event of inclement weather.

What are the age requirements? Minimum age 4 years to adult.

Can people bring their own skates? Yes