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The Original Popup Rink Company

UNIVERSAL RINKS, and Chill Entertainment is a Canadian Owned US-based event management company that has helped clients plan successful skating events for over 15+ years. Led by experienced skating professionals, Chill Live became the Original PopUp Rink Company, when its founder spearheaded used her business acumen to market synthetic ice to the public, and an industry was born. As the company evolved so did its creativity, innovation, and dedication to helping our clients host immersive events that engage audiences. Our skating background, marketing experience, and personalized approach to event management ensures success in  accomplishing our goals and client's needs.


CLE works to create an immersive skating experience that utilizes visual and sound technology to capture the emotions of guests, and create memories. 




It started with an idea...

it all started with an idea, 

The company launches in the SF Bay Area, and quickly gains popularity among Silicon Valley corporate events. 


is to DESIGN
EVENTSthat are unique.

We specialize in promoting skating experiences for leisure and entertainment. This involves utilizing a wide selection of branded services, technology, including specialized entertainment, exclusive events and programming, popup skating clubs, as well as an e-commerce platform, and promotional marketing services, including design, production skills, content development and consulting services. 



is to create & innovate to produce
experiences that resonate.

Our goal is to create skating events that meet people's expectations. As professionals who have spent their entire lives around skaters, we know that people experience strong feelings of nostalgia about skating, and therefore we are successful when we can appeal to these emotions. Therefore the goal of a Chill LIVE event is to create immersive skating experiences that will appeal to these feelings and generate memories; both old and new.

Why Choose Universal Rinks &

Chill Skating Entertainment?

is to always welcome new ideas and  
opportunities to learn.

To achieve this goal CLE is committed to 5 key objectives. Customization is required to ensure that each event design best suits the needs of each clients unique event needs and the expectations of their guests. Experience is a key component to understanding the needs of both clients and guests, and to sources the most appropriate options for each project. Partnerships are necessary to ensuring that we continue to have access to the top industry professionals, and are able to stay updated on the latest information. Focused attention is one of our primary objectives as CLE has developed a business platform that is 100% dedicated to its rink production business. Dedication is a personal commitment to ourselves and our clients to provide the on-going support required to ensure the success of the project. 



director, Brenda Hann

A native of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Brenda the founder of BHS Mgmt. and Chill Live Entertainment., former professional skater, Level IV National Coaching Certified Coach, and university MBA graduate. After developing successful programs in Canada, Brenda was recruited to the US to help manage and market rink programming in CA, resulting in increased revenues and traffic. Her focussed approach on branding consistently increased the profile of skating in areas where other sports typically enjoyed more popularity. Brenda foresaw the opportunities for synthetic ice, laid the groundwork that would spearhead an industry, and the future development of Chill Entertainment. 


vp, steve frisken

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Steve is the co-founder of BHS Mgmt., and Chill Live Entertainment. He studied architectural design and quickly began his career managing custom projects, and spearheading new  technologies for designers. As BHS continued to grow, Steve took a hiatus from his architectural career in 2008 to serve as VP of Operations,  eventually making it permanent. Clients appreciate Steve's personality, creative thinking skills, and ability to adapt to situations with speed and efficiency. His background in design, project mgmt, and tech. knowledge of the skating industry make him an valuable asset to the company.

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