We work in partnership with some of the world’s most iconic brands, resort/retail properties and entertainment talent.

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Each client is a potential long-term partner, and shares our vision to design a venue that delivers a guest experience. Clients come from a variety of industries including the worlds of hospitality, hotel/resorts, retail, municipal and corporate events, education, destination mgmt, military, major festivals, and attractions, etc. 


Every event features a skating activity, and each venue's design begins with a floor layout, perimeter borders, guest lounge area, supply of skates, and maintenance equipment. Then, we add any necessary lighting, signage, plus the finishing touches, and the site it ready to go!


All of the elements working together, blend to create the final ingredient; 'the vibe'. It's the vibrant colors, the 'Chill' soundtrack, the 'cool' costumes,, the 'style' of the hosts, the promotional gifts, and all of the special touches that blend together to create the sparkle that makes an event memorable. 

We exist to create memorable skating experiences for our clients’ brands, businesses and events.


We only accept a select number of clients each season, to help ensure that our team can focus on your event from the moment we are hired to event day.  A coordinator will be assigned to your account and be on site on event day to oversee execution! Skating is more than just a job, its our passion, and we work to be positive, creative and enjoyable while we strive for excellence!

Industry experts with decades of combined experience in the field.

Drawing from our Canadian roots, skating is not just our job, it is our passion. Founded by a team of professionals with more than 30+ years experience, our principals include a qualified skating coach, skilled choreographer, creative program administrator, and dynamic marketing professional, plus a skilled architectural designer whose precision, craftsmanship and project management experience are valuable elements of the client relationship.

Plastic (synthetic) ice has existed for decades, but it was our company founder, a seasoned skating professional & entrepreneur,  who re-purposed the product for public events in 2005.  Its popularity grew quickly, and while others have tried to duplicate our work, we continue to be trailblazers as the 'Original PopUpRink Company'. 

Pride in every project,

we're privileged to produce.


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At the center of our team beats the heart of creativity, that keeps our vision at the forefront of change and current trends.


We reinvent the skating experience, through integrated event management solutions that incorporate sponsorship strategies, multi-media promotion, and audience engagement.


We are proud to be associated with a highly qualified, and talented group of professional entertainers and performers, who consistently deliver on performance, guest and client expectations.

Building a family of brands & services designed to inspire.

Our goal is to create a fun and memorable experience for our clients’ businesses, brands and events. Driven by the competitive spirit, we are motivated by the unrelenting pursuit of achieving better. And we do it every single day.


Lil' Bit of Sugar, and a Whole Lotta Spice...

Guest relations, hosting, performances and ambient skating entertainment.