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Temporary skating options, available anywhere, anytime.


Synthetic Popuprinks are the perfect option for clients seeking temporary, short term skating venues, parties or special performances, or who have limited resources, little or no power access, or tight time constraints. Each package includes a floor, perimeter border, skater lounge area, supply of skates, and glide solution with applicator.


Our synthetic Popuprinks feature a modular floor design that allows us to adapt to a variety of spaces. The increased versatility of mobile skating technology allows for us to play host in unique locations including residences, private clubs, rooftop locations and other intimate settings.Private events, offer 'exclusive access' to guests, where they can enjoy the freedom to enjoy their skating free from interruption.


The modular floor must be installed on top of a solid flat surface (preferably concrete). Uneven surfaces such as grass, dirt, or cobbstone, require an additional sub-floor construction to support the skating floor. While electricity and power is not required to operate the skating rink, standard power is needed for area lighting, and maintenance equipment.


Personal Popuprinks are the perfect at home rink option for athletes, looking to keep up their training, for skating enthusiasts interested in hosting skating parties for a small group of family and friends, or anyone who enjoys creating fun video montages, and social media clips. 


Flexible Design.

CHILL will customize any skating venue to suit each client's needs from design, to theme development, production, activation and program delivery.


Do you need special skates? No, we use regular ice skates.

Does synthetic ice feel like skating on real ice? The glide is slower than real ice by 15-20%, much like skating on a frozen pond. Novice skaters may not notice a difference. Experienced figure skaters may need to adjust, but will generally acclimate within minutes. Because the glide is a result of the friction created from the heat of the blade, you need push a little harder, to generate and maintain glide.

What is synthetic ice made of? Is it safe? Yes it is safe. The rink materials are made of a high density RECYCLABLE polymer, and sprayed with a non-toxic material to facilitate the glide.

Can synthetic ice be used indoors? Yes, the surface can be used indoors or outdoors, on rooftops, patios, auditoriums, stages etc. No power or refrigeration is required, and synthetic ice will never melt.

Is it cold? Will it melt? No, and no.


Can you set up either type of PopUpRink on grass? All rinks require a solid flat concrete surface to support construction. Uneven areas, like grass, require a sub-floor deck to provide this level surface. We can provide this service if required.

How long does installation/removal take? Typically, the average installation/removal takes 2-4 hours. Custom events may take longer to accommodate special design features.

Can we put logos on the rink? Yes. While actual rink printing is possible, the best method is to use lighting, and printed logos on rink perimeter walls.

What is the age requirements? Minimum age 4 years to adult.

Can people use their own skates? Yes, however we recommend that they have been recently sharpened.



In the safety and security of your own home; or private party.


The Personal Popuprink @Home Advantage

Chill@HOME is available for personal, private use, on a temporary, limited basis. Perfect for practice, residential use, or other non-commercial activities.

Chill@HOME allows customers to enjoy skating in the safety and privacy of their own home. There, they can better control the external elements, minimize the distractions, and therefore optimize their skating experience.  Exclusive use of your own skating surface is a positive experience for everyone who gets to experience this luxury. Whether it's unlimited stick time, hours of freedom to work out skating moves, get used to new equipment, practice new skills, or simply extended play time, private ice time has always been a highly sought after request of anyone serious about skating..

Private Parties

Birthdays, family events and mini-block parties, can all benefit from the Chill@HOME mini-rink option. Add on services, including skating hosts, or characters mascots, or extended hours, can be requested for an additional fee.


Our Skate Smart approach to skating events incorporates elements of technology, design, and effective event management operations to produce a quality event that is both functional and fun.

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