Event Management

Contracting services.


Chill Project Managers will create installation and removal timelines, along with important milestone dates leading up to key dates, and coordinate with other vendors and contractors to ensure set up and removal occur on schedule. Our team hsd an excellent reputation for working closely with clients, will a willingness to adapt to schedule changes as necessary.


Drawing on our vast experience in both the building and entertainment industries, we are committed to honoring our client's budget requests, and to sourcing cost-effective solutions wherever possible.


Our extensive recruiting and referral efforts seek out the top talent in the industry to represent our brand and our clients to the public. As a result of over 30+ yrs of industry we have been fortunate to have the opportunity to create lasting relationships with top skating pros, top level rink producers, and sought after entertainers.


Our Marketing team serves an an extension of our customer's project or business. We work to dial ourselves into their needs so we can draw on our experience and resources to create integrated solutions. Through these relationships we've been able to grow into brand developers, event planners and project managers.



When you need a little guidance.


CHILL Media Group combines 35+ yrs of certified high performance coaching, successful sports and event marketing experience, plus a masters education in business management, into a deep understanding of individual and group needs, industry trends, consumer/customer mindsets, research and branding into innovative, growth-driven programming plans, that meet client and/or project goals.


Coaching services can help assist clients in running their own operations by helping them better clarify their vision and goals and move towards where they want to be. Customized and creative programming help to unlock the unmet needs of customers, and differentiate our client's, brands, products or services in the marketplace. Coaching builds actionable plans, and creates accountability.


In our busy world, technology has expanded opportunities for us to connect virtually anywhere, anytime, and in the safety and security of our most comfortable surroundings. This advantage adds to the success of our coaching/consulting services, and as a result, the most cost effective service we can provide our clients.