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Roller Skating is more popular than ever, and RollerCHILL can transform any space into a retro roller venue, complete with lights, skate rentals, Chill Roller Girls and optional DJ entertainment. Perfect for schools, universities, communities, church groups, malls, festivals and social group activities. Available for temporary or seasonal opportunities.


Clients can choose from a variety of RollerCHILL options to suit their needs. The basic ingredients of any RollerCHILL event are the skates and the floor. Whether you need both, or just either, from there we can add the sparkle, the beats, and the vibe.


The most important requirement to host a RollerCHILL activity is a proper floor. If you don't already have a proper roller surface such as a gymnasium floor, sport court, or open concrete area, then we can provide a portable roller floor/surface for you. You will need the area to solid and flat to ensure a good skating area. Sub-floors or decks are needed to prepare uneven areas.


Roll With Us.

CHILL will customize any skating venue to suit each client's needs from design, to theme development, production, activation and program delivery.


What kind of roller skates do you provide? Quad skates, rollerblades.

What is the age requirements? Minimum age 4 years to adult.

Can people bring their own skates? Yes

How long does installation/removal take? Typically, the average installation/removal takes 2-4 hours. Custom events may take longer to accommodate special design features.

Can I rent skates only? Yes, however there is a minimum order.



Can you set up RollerCHILL on grass? All rinks require a solid flat concrete surface to support construction. Uneven areas, like grass, require a sub-floor deck to provide this level surface. We can provide this service if required.

What type of surface can we skate on without needing a floor? Surfaces such as a gym floor, tennis court, basketball court, polished court, or multi-sport tiles.

Will the wheels damage our gym floor? No, however the wheels may leave some scuff marks, that can be removed by polishing.

Are there additional site requirements? Electricity to support any lighting, or music equipment.