Covid-19 is a global health crisis that has impacted all sectors of society. We must do all we can to mitigate the losses, both human and economic, and extend our support to all those who work tirelessly towards these goals.

During stay at home orders to reduce the spread of Covid-19, we have taken the time to learn more about how to protect guests who will want to enjoy our skating activities, when they are ready to participate or host a future event. We have consulted with public health officials, and were able to create a plan to address the safety of guests, by limiting person to person contact.

Our hearts are with everyone who has suffered losses during this pandemic. We know that this have been a difficult time for everyone, and are committed to working in partnership with clients as we get through this difficult time. One thing is certain, the desire for recreation, entertainment and socialization is strong, and when everyone is ready, we will be there, and we will be ready too!





Chill Media has developed a set of standards that include touch-less booking and check in, design and programming that minimizes person to person contact, maintains recommended distancing, plus policies that require the use of personal protection gear, and ensure proper site santitation measures.



Event operation plans and site layouts that maximize efficiency, and minimize  the need for guests or groups to gather to gather and wait for extended periods.


Some of our products and services, such as our IceBreakers, are uniquely designed to support distancing guidelines. The mobile nature of our Popuprinks allows us to feature of our activities in smaller, private, venues, which allows us to better control the flow of traffic.


Based on availability, we have expanded our Legacy membership program to feature sponsorship plans for clients seeking creative ways to include our services into their upcoming events season. For more information, contact us to discuss this option further.

Rising to the challenge;

The Mother of Re-Invention

Committed to creating a safe environment,

to experience memorable events.


Going touchless not only makes sign-in safe., but it allows for advance reservations, and delivers peace of mind especially in times of a global health crisis.


Efforts to collect data for contact tracing are included in our event operation plans, as part of our standard participant liability for participants, and expanded during times of critical public health crises, to ensure accuracy and efficiency of communication.


Guests receive a list of safety reminders upon booking, and details are clearly posted on site. All guests must wear socks, and in times of increased public health concerns, guests must gloves, and face masks, when entering the skate area.


To ensure the safety of guests, area capacity is limited. During increased times of public health concerns, this capacity may be modified to meet physical distancing guidelines whenever possible.


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