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What are the site requirements to install a skating rink? Every rink installation needs a solid, flat area to support the rink set up or construction. The ideal location is a concrete floor, or sub-floor deck, while some real ice installations may require a sand box construction to support construction. Clients may request a site visit, or send photos and specs for review, if a site visit isn't possible.

Can you set up your skating rinks on grass or dirt?  Uneven areas, like grass, dirt, or gravel, require a sub-floor deck, or a sand box (real ice rink only), to provide a level surface. We can provide this service if required.

What are the space requirements? In addition to the sq. footage needed for the rink area and skater lounge, real ice rinks require an open area for snow dumping is required, plus an area for placement of refrigeration system, generators (if required), equipment storage, and guest kiosk area. Actual space may vary as it is related to rink capacity.  

How many skaters can participate at one session? We recommend 10 people per 600 sq. ft. during normal conditions.

What is your children’s skating policy?

Children under the age of 5 are not permitted, and children needing assistance must be accompanied on the ice by an skating adult. 

Can you set up a rink indoors? Yes, our rinks can be installed either indoors or outdoors, however real ice is more suitable for outdoor locations. Synthetic ice and roller floors can be installed anywhere; rooftops, patios, auditoriums, stages etc. No power or refrigeration is required, and synthetic ice will never melt.

How long does installation and/or removal take? Pending weather conditions, a typical installation and/or removal process can take 3-8 hours for synthetic ice, and roller skating floors, and from 7-10 days for real ice rinks.

What are the power requirements? Synthetic ice and roller skating rinks, only require standard power to run lighting, and auxiliary equipment, while real ice rinks require at minimum; 3 phase power, 460/480 volts (208/230 volt is acceptable). Auxiliary power generators are subject to local rates.

What are the recommended age requirements? 5 years to adult. Younger participants require special approval.

What is synthetic ice made of, and is it safe? Yes it is safe. The rink materials are made of a high density RECYCLABLE polymer, and sprayed with a non-toxic material to facilitate the glide.

Does synthetic ice feel like skating on real ice? The glide is slower than real ice by approx. 15%, much like skating on a frozen pond. Novice skaters may not notice a difference. Experienced figure skaters may need time to adjust, but will generally acclimate within minutes. Because the glide is a result of the friction created from the heat of the blade, you need push a little harder, to generate and maintain glide, and with the application of the glide enhancer, the speed can be adjusted to suit the ability of the skater.

Do you need special skates, and can people bring their own skates? We use regular ice skates, and/or roller skates/rollerblades, therefore people can bring their own, however we remind ice skaters that the blades should be sharp, and ask that roller skaters clean their wheels.

What sizes of skates are available to rent?

Skates are available from a youth 8 to an adult 14. We have a limited supply of adjustable sized skates for youth size 8 to child size 4. 

What if we need to change our date, or cancel our event? For single day or weekend events, you must notify us of your intent to change or cancel your event within 2-7 days of your event. Events that extend 7+ days require a minimum of 14 days notice, and seasonal events require 30 days notice of change/cancellation. You may then reschedule for up to 6 months, unless otherwise outlined by CSE sales at time of booking.


What is the charge for admission? The choice to charge admission is optional. Revenue share arrangements may vary among clients.

Are there additional revenue opportunities available? Clients may feature branded advertising on the surrounding rink walls via printed banners, rink graphic, projected images, and branded clothing for hosts etc. Chill is able to assist with production and installation. All materials must be remove by client at the end of the event.

Is proof of vaccination required to skate?

Depending on the host location and mandates within each state, typically skating is an outdoor activity, therefore proof of vaccination is not required to participate in most cases. All guests ages regardless of vaccination status, are asked to wear a mask at all times while indoors. Once outside, you are free to remove your mask while skating. Ask your host organization for clarification.

Can I bring a stroller in the change area , or on to the ice?

Sorry, strollers are not permitted; due to the small size of the venue, there are no exceptions.

What types of items are prohibited from use at the rink?

For safety reasons, guests will be refused entry if they are in possession of prohibited items. If found items will be confiscated, and the guest may be asked to leave. Prohibitted items include:

  • Alcohol, bottles, cans, coolers, Thermoses, etc.

  • Animals other than trained service animals.

  • Balls of any kind.

  • Illegal substances.

  • Laser pens.

  • Oversize bags, luggage, strollers, wagons or carriages.

  • Projectiles.

  • Signs and banners.

  • Weapons of any kind, including pocket and pen knives.

  • Any other item deemed inappropriate or unsafe by management.

Do you have a policy on smoking, alcohol, or drugs?

For the safety and enjoyment of all guests., no drugs, alcohol or smoking, including electronic cigarettes, are permitted. Guests who appear intoxicated or under the influence will not be permitted to skate. Our staff reserves the right to eject or deny entry to any guest who appears to be impaired or is causing a disturbance to other guests.

Do skaters need to wear stickers?

While not a requirement, we recommend that clients determine a method to clearly identify patrons who have obtained the necessary permission to access their skating rink, including signing a participant waivers and obtaining an admission pass. This assists staff in identifying patrons when it time to clear a session or should an emergency arise. Stickers must be worn by everyone inside the venue and must be clearly visible to rink staff at all times.

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