We have adapted many of our  Popuprinks to allow for roller skating, and have introduced new floors designed specifically for these events. Now we can transform any space into a Retro RollerChill Dance Club, complete with barriers, and supply of quad or roller blade skates, and safety equipment.

The same rules apply for our Popup Roller Rinks as with our skating rinks. A solid flat surface is needed to support our floors, If one doesn't exist, no problem, we can build  it for you

Finally, don't forget the lights! No RollerChill Dance Party is complete without disco lights, lasers and our Chill Blasters to keep everyone on their toes.






No RollerChill Dance Party is complete without the perfect hosts and entertainment to keep the party rolling all night long.

Professional Roller Girls talent are available to perform skating shows, make promo appearances, offer ambient skating, roller dance workshops, and hosting dutuies.

The popularity of our RollerChill Dance Club Parties continues to grow,  and demand for these specialty PopupRinks is skyrocketing.



Real ice may be an option for clients seeking long term rink venues, with significant budgets or sponsorship support (as real ice costs are remarkably higher than synthetic rinks), with sufficient real estate to house the various equipment needed, and without limited time constraints for construction.

Synthetic ice appeals to clients with more limited resources, space and access to their venues. Furthermore, synthetic ice meets the meets many of 'green initiative' needs of clients who are working to adopt more climate conscious options, water conservation and limiting fossil fuels.

CHILL will customize any skating venue to suit each client's needs from design, to theme development, production, activation and program delivery.


Do you need special skates for synthetic ice? No, we use regular ice skates.

Does synthetic ice feel like skating on real ice? . The glide is slower than real ice by 15-20%, much like skating on a frozen pond. Novice skaters may not notice a difference. Experienced figure skaters may need to adjust, but will generally acclimate within minutes. Because the glide is a result of the friction created from the heat of the blade, you need push a little harder, to generate and maintain glide.

What is synthetic ice made of? Is it safe? Yes it is safe. The rink materials are made of a high density RECYCLABLE polymer, and sprayed with a non-toxic material to facilitate the glide.

Is it cold? Will it melt? No, and no.

Can synthetic ice be used indoors? Yes, the surface can be used indoors or outdoors, on rooftops, patios, auditoriums, stages etc. No power or refrigeration is required, and synthetic ice will never melt.


Can you set up either type of PopUpRink on grass? All rinks require a solid flat concrete surface to support construction. Uneven areas, like grass, require a sub-floor deck to provide this level surface. We can provide this service if required.

Are there additional site requirements? Real ice rinks need an area for dumping snow,  space for the refrigeration system, within proximity to the rink.

What utility services are required? Real ice rinks require, two (2) continuous sources of water adjacent to the ice rink area, and 3 phase power are required for real ice rinks, plus standard power for lighting or rink side equipment you need. Power is NOT required for operation of a synthetic PopupRink, but a water hookup is needed for cleaning.


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