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Chill Joins Snapchat


Chill has joined the Snapchat community to share the fun candid moments at our events and activities that make us all smile and make all the hard work worth it. As they say, a smile says it all, and we want to be able to share those moments as they happen. Then, just as life is fleeting, and as is the Snapchat way, these images appear and disappear, ready for the next fun share.

Our Snapchat name is CHLXN16 and we invite you to send us a friend request so you can start watching the fun happening at our events. This is a great opportunity for parents to check out the fun on school skate and community events, or for clients to check in on what's happening at their own events.

The purpose of Snapchat is to give interested audiences and up to date view of what's happening. Participation is voluntary but as we know whenever there's a camera around, people are always at their best :).

Check out these two beauties hamming it up for the camera. Consummate professionals most of the time, we all often take a few moments to release some energy and share a goofy moment. We're excited to add this new social media platform to our events and hope all of our guests will remember to SMILE, youre on SNAPCHAT! Remember to follow us at CHLXN16.

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