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"I'm Doin' It" Campaign


Chill Entertainment is happy to launch it's

'I'M DOIN' IT!" campaign in conjunction with the re-launch of our StudioSK8 Mobile Skating Events this month in Phoenix, AZ. The phrase was born as a positive reply of action and was a phrase we found ourselves repeating as we described the sounds of happy kids at our rink events, getting up on their skates and moving around the rinks, "look Mom, I'm Doin' It!". The resulting response is the sound of cheers, clapping and smiles from happy parents standing at the boards watching their children revel in their success. Nothing makes a parent happier that seeing their child smile and yell out a positive message of success.

Of course it's not only small children learning to skate that have made this phrase popular. The same phrase can be heard from people of all ages on ski hills, climbing walls, skateboarders, and even on that first bike ride. It's the sound of success. So rather than create a fancy mission statement, we have decided to make this mantra part of our brand. "I'M DOIN' IT!" is more than a catching t-shirt slogan but it's our very own action phrase.


To further the benefits of "I'M DOIN' IT!" we are introducing our first t-shirts as Loyalty brand products for our spring/summer StudioSK8 rinks. Guests who purchase a shirt and wear it to the rink receive unlimited access to any of our sessions or lessons offered.

More designs are on the horizon and we welcome our friends and guests to wear their shirts in pride and send us pics of them overcoming their fears, learning new skills and tackling tasks fo the first time. We'll post them on our fan page.

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