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CHILL Camps As Fun as Always

CHILL GOES TO CAMP! CHILL has been part of the popular Steve & Kate Camps in sunny California for a number of years, this being our fifth year. Along the way our camp programs have grown from a free for all for kids, to a more structured program of skills, challenges and games for the kids, who participate in daily sessions according to their grade levels.

This week we're in Palo Alto, CA and will be finishing up our final week with Steve and Kate Camp before returning to the heat in AZ. It's been a busy but as always rewarding experience meeting the kids and getting to know them as they challenge themselves to try our skills, and earn a prize at the end of their week

Running any business can be a stressful activity and ours is no exception, however returning to our roots as a skaters and coming BACK to CAMP, we are always reminded of why we started this business in the first place. The goal was to bring the skating rink TO the people, and with these small CHILL CAMP programs we do just that, and in my opinion MORE. In regular skating programs we rarely get the opportunity to get to know our young students, at least in such as short time. Relationships that generally can take months to develop, are fast tracked and by the end of the camp, we feel like we've met new friends and look forward to seeing them again next Camp season.

Therefore, CHILL CAMP is not just part of a line of services that our company offers, but it is a true camp experience, where kids learn skills that help boost their team building skillsl, their self-esteem, self-awareness and in the end their self-confidence. These are qualities that one cannot put a price tag on, as each is a valuable life skill. We are consistently surprised by the responses from the kids who are there for us bright and early each morning to help our staff set up our tents, skates and equipment, and who don't mind giving up time at lunch or at the end of their day to lend a hand to our team. We get back so much from these experiences, not just in value, but in memories and good will. After all, aren't these the goals of any great camp program?

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