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Countdown to Holiday Skating

HAPPY SEPTEMBER. There's only a few months until the 2017 Holiday season, our peak time of the year. Our deadline for holiday bookings this year is September 15, 2017. After this date, our availability will be more limited as our inventory is already 75% sold out. We will continue to accept fall bookings and 2018 reservations, as well as entertainment bookings, including CENTERPIECE SHOWS and ROLLER SKATING EVENTS. Other options will be accepted based on availability and may be subject to premium pricing.

Why put a deadline on Holiday bookings? We know that customers now have choice in both synthetic and real ice options. Therefore we have tried to make every effort to keep our rates affordable and economical for our clients. That's means pre-planning to secure transport costs and talent etc. We have learned from experience the risks involved in last minute bookings, as they can effect an already tight schedule. To minimize these effects we encouraged our clients to book their dates as early as possible so that we can maximize the planning efforts. In return we offered preferred pricing and special options.

We have not placed such an early deadline in the previous years, however based on past experiences, we found that late reservations often had far reaching effects on our seasonal plans. With limited time to add more personnel late bookings placed additional stress on operations teams and staff, which often lead to errors due to fatigue etc. Everyone wants a perfect event, which requires special staff and back up strategies. The high quality of many of our key staff have set the bar high in many cases, and exceeding our capabilities means that we need to duplicate not only the services but the quality staff.

Therefore, we hope that by setting a deadline for holiday bookings we can continue to improve our event management plans to accommodate the companies rapid growth. Our goal is to increase the productivity of our operations teams, and reduce stress, in order to ensure quality service delivery.

Does that mean I won't be able to book a rink after Sept 15? No, We will make every effort to provide you with the services you need, however we cannot guarantee dates or your first choice, and previously quoted rates may no longer be available.

Until then you can still feature either of our October PinkRink or Halloween packages. Proceeds from October bookings will support our cancer support groups as part of cancer awareness month.

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