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Chill Performer to Star in Radio City

Chill Entertainment performer, **Carly Donowick** stars in **NYC Radio City Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes,** Nov 19 to Jan 1, 2018. The show features over 140 performers, original music, and combines singing, dancing, skating and humor with traditional scenes.

We first met Carly in 2012 when we produced the Winter In Venice skating rink project in Las Vegas, NV. Carly flew in at the last minute and jumped into her fishnet tights and appeared in a last minute Grand Opening event for the Venetian Resort. From that point, Carly proved herself to be an invaluable member of the Chill team both as a performer and as a talent advisor and brand ambassador. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude has made her a favorite among management and colleagues, and her infectious smile and ability to draw in an audience of any size, has made her an industry favorite in high demand.

Nevertheless, Carly has always made time to support Chill Entertainment's efforts, promotional events and clients needs whenever possible, all while juggling school, coaching, performing and the variety of adventures that come her way. In addition to her skating performances, Carly is also in demand as a model and can often be seen gracing the cover of ice show posters, and bill boards worldwide, including several Chill Entertainment collateral materials.

We're so excited that Carly will be the star skater at this year's Radio City Christmas Spectacular starring the famous Rockettes. She'll be performing pairs on a mini-stage similar to that seen in the audition video above. The experience gained over the years with Chill Entertainment synthetic ice helped to secure this opportunity as it takes a special kind of skater to translate the power and grace of skating to a smaller portable stage, something that Chill Entertainment does very well. Not all skaters perform the same way on synthetic ice or smaller skating stages. Carly is one who seems to embrace the challenge and make you forget the size and focus on the spectacle.

If you're in NYC this holiday season we hope that you'll go to the show and enjoy the traditions this special show has to offer. Then when you see the graceful form glide across the top of the stage, know that's our Carly, and sit back and enjoy what we know will be a fantastic traditional holiday performance. Carly is the master at expressing emotion through her skating and I'm sure you'll feel the joy and grace of the season through her elegance and dynamic moves.

Carly, is a former US National & Int'l competitor, has performed in over 35 countries with companies such as Disney on Ice, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Holiday on Ice, Russian Ice Stars, Hot Ice and Chill Entertainment. We are privileged to feature Carly as one of our principal performers and can't wait to see her on the big stage in NYC this winter.

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