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ChillFest Rock N' Roller Parties

For several years we received the occasional request for Roller Skating packages. Today, the requests have increased substantially and over the years we have developed our Pop-Up Rink products to include a Retro Roller Skating package. Even though roller skating events are still only a small percentage of our overall activities, they are by far the most fun. Roller Skating offers event planners the perfect opportunity to flex their creative ideas, as almost anything goes when it comes to roller skating.

While the majority of events focus on a specific era, 60s, 70s, or 80s, each one has a distinctive flavor and the opportunity to create a truly unique event. From the music to the fashions, the furniture decor and food and drink, one thing seems to remain constant; the beacon at the center of it all, the glorious disco ball.


Lately, however our roller packages have captured the attention of yet another group; the xtreme sports community, who are taking roller skating to the extreme with the addition of ramps, railings and more. As a result a recent event developed into more than just a rink, but it also became a skateboard alley for some of the kids to show off their skills. When once we would yell at the kids to stay off the rink, with their wheels, now we're actually inviting them to come on in.

The Holidays and WinterFest season are upon us, and while roller skating isn't the traditional seasonal activity, it is a popular activity in the warmer states, and we're excited to be able to offer our own ChillFest Rock N' Roller Holiday. Why not a retro Xmas party complete with a vintage vibe and Santa on wheels? Create a memorable holiday party, complete with DJ and sparkling lights. Packages start at $2999 and as noted on our website, each event is subject to an event insurance fees as determined by the size of the event and anticipated participation. Sundays are available in Arizona, and nationwide throughout the WinterFest season Dec 21-March 21, 2018.


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