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Happy New Year #Olympics

Another year of Chill Events is coming to an end and this year we're looking forward to yet another year of Olympic fever. 2018 will see the world's top winter athletes gather to fight for gold. Chill Entertainment is ready to play host to Olympic themed events nationwide and able to feature a variety of winter sports including figure skating, hockey and curling.

Already, Chill is in demand and nearly sold out for January-February 2018. Several of these events are large scale installations and many will be hosted in our native Canada as they extend their 150 year celebrations.

This year's Olympic games will be held far away in South Korea and in this tumultuous political climate it's more important than ever to work to get into the Olympic spirit here at home to support the hard work of the athletes who will be meeting the challenge to represent their country in one of world's many conflict areas. Hosting Olympic events is a great way to build that spirit and salute the hard work of our greatest athletes who will be working towards reaching their goals with these games.

Not only are we busy with winter and Olympic events, but our roller skating packages have become extremely popular with college and university campus events this season, and will no doubt continue to be in demand leading up to our busy summer festival season, highlighted by Lollapalooza in early August.

We wish all of our friends, family and colleagues a very Happy New Year, and hope that your are all as excited as we are to see what the new year has bring, challenges and all!

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