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January Madness

Forget about March Madness, Chill Entertainment has it's very own notable season of madness known as 'January Madness'. Each year the New Year brings a new set of surprises as we start of each year with a busy season right on the tail end of the peak holiday season.

What makes January Mad is not just that it is busy but that each year it seems to be at the request of a specific target market. This year it's college madness. Every week Chill Entertainment is hosting a rink at a college or university campus. But, not just any rink, each one is a mega, premium size rink ranging in sizes from 3600-7000 sq. ft. and featuring both roller skating and ice skating events.

Universities and colleges have always been a strong market for Chill Entertainment, however 2018 saw a spike in new year activities that certainly helped to create another season of January madness.

In addition to our heavy collegiate January schedule the new year also brings with it our annual First Chill Early Booking promotion for our premier clients to reserve their 2018 holiday events early and take advantage of our special rates and offers. In 2017 we were almost completely sold out by the end of the Early booking season, and as a result many customers who missed out on the opportunity to reserve for 2017 are likely to flood our office with requests in January.

January Madness extends our peak season through January and with the Olympics around the corner it's likely the madness with continue for another 28 days through February. Then after the Olympics March madness arrives and we enter festival season. Hope you'll follow us along for the ride. It's sure to be eventful.

More to come in the coming weeks...

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