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Our Top 10 of 2017

Announcing the 2017 Top Ten Chill Popuprink Events

It takes a special combination of style, atmosphere and enthusiasm to land in our list of Top 10 Popuprinks. This season there were so many fun events to choose from however these top 10 events each possessed their own special qualities to make the list. The following list of popuprinks represent a sample of the 70+ rink events we produced in 2017

1. Lollapalooza, Chicago IL (..because it’s Lolla and it was HUGE!!) 2. Pinehurst Resort, NC (One of the most beautiful settings and great local team.) 3. SnowGirl Events (Proving that skaters do it BEST!) 4. Tempe Marketplace, Tempe AZ (1st show of the season & big CROWDS.) 5. Club StudioSk8 (We did it! Finally.) 6. Heights Church Holidays, Prescott AZ (..for the setting and the mood) 7. The Beach Club, Santa Monica CA (Skating on the beach? Why say more?) 8. The Drew School, San Francisco CA (OMG best students award!) 9. Odysea in The Desert, Scottsdale AZ (Most challenging design of the year.) 10. South hill Mall, Pallyup WA (..because the Pacific NW feels like home.)


There's no one particular aspect of any of the above events that set it apart from the other events. Size was not a factor, duration didn't matter, and even crowd size doesn't guarantee inclusion. It is however when any of these factors stand out. Often it's challenges overcome that made the event a standout, unique location can be a qualifier (like a southern CA beach), as well as when the event is a showcase or part of another greater cause or event such as in the case of Lollapalooza (of course who couldn't say that a throwback roller disco at a major music festival wouldn't' be awesome...). At times its the relationship with our client that makes the event standout. When you've worked with an organization for years the event just flows and the overall experience is extra special. Of course a good crowd or audience reaction is a great way to make it onto the list, and such is the case when our proskater performer ice shows & other entertainment. Finally, sometimes it's the community that makes an event memorable. In any case it's a pleasure to be a part of all of our events we love working with our clients to create standout popuprink events that hopefully make it onto our Top 10 lists.

2018 is underway and already there have been events that contenders for next seasons Best of the Year Top 10 Popuprinks of 2018.

Happy Skating

Team Chill .

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