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Ice Skating in a Post-Covid World

After a year of isolation, and lockdowns for public safety, limited participation has became the norm for most group activities which made private session activity more popular than ever before. In the world of skating, the idea of limited participation, is referred to as “private” skating, and has traditionally been the most desired form of skating, often reserved for athletes in training, due to the high cost, and limited access.

Chill Entertainment provided customers access to private skating parties due to the versatility and economy of our Synthetic PopUp-Rinks. Whether it was backyard rinks, or private skating school lessons, secluded roof top rinks hosting a private event such as a proposal or romantic evenings for two, Chill Skates produced several intimate package options for clients nationwide which offered the perfect alternative to large scale productions, and delivered on creating the memories and vibe as desired.

Nevertheless, our team continued to work on real ice rink options that could also deliver on this "private ice" experience for customers. While the expense of real ice often limits its use as a private skating feature, we continued to research on NEW “tank rink” options to create moderately sized ice rinks that could be installed quickly and require less energy than larger installations so as to keep costs as affordable as possible for clients. Chill is happy to announce that its Chill-Ice product has been able to develop a smaller real ice package, and while typical installation may require a few days, in the event that the necessary power is available on-site, installation could take place in as little as 24 hours.

Private skating offers exclusive access, and commonly leaves customers/skaters with an elite feeling of quality and performance. Most everyone prefers private access over general services, and our experiences in 2020-2021, reminded us of our ability to deliver on this point.

Resorts, retail centers, attractions and private individuals can all benefit from our

custom private popup-rink designs. Contact our representatives to discuss your needs, or brainstorm ideas with our program coordinators.


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