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The CHILLSkates Top 10 of 2020

Despite the challenges of 2020, there were still a number of notable highs last season that continued to set the bar in our annual Top 10 review. Each stand out in their own way to represent the Chill Skating Entertainment (CSE) Events brand, and demonstrate the broad range of our services and abilities to meet the specific needs of a wide range of clients. We begin our top ten review with our favorite resort town locations of 2020. Somerset, PA and Big Bear, CA provided picturesque locations for winter popup skating rinks. Despite their natural settings, the synthetic rinks offered each client affordable, and environmentally conscience options for residents to play on, while the cold temps, and snow helped the rink move faster. Meanwhile, under strict nationwide covid guidelines, our Canadian market continued to feature skating activities, and we’re pleased to include Tofino, BC on our top ten. Located on an island, in a picturesque region off the west coast of Canada, with limited access to power for real ice, and strict water conservation rules, our popuprinks offered the city a perfect solution for temporary community skating options. A special shout out to the wonderful team from Tofino, BC who work with Team CHILL to facilitate the event. When things run this smoothly, you know it’s a top ten experience! Next on our list are roller events that helped shape 2020. Starting with Grand Canyon University who brought us to a whole NEW level with the biggest roller rink we’ve ever experienced! We certainly missed the festivals this year, however we were excited to team up with our seventh place rink, Area15 in Las Vegas NV to create a mini-palooza called “Electric Roll”, which earned the number six top pick of the season. Indeed the challenges of 2020 were difficult for clients, top among them, municipalities whose responsibility it is to maintain public safety. We also consulted with medical professionals to revise our operational plans to optimize public health resulting in our SkateSMART plans. Many cities struggled with the choices to proceed with public activities and those that did implement our guidelines as well as their own additional measures. We salute two of such clients this year, in our sixth Deer Park TX, as they were the first to commit to their event, and take the chance that a group activities could be conducted safely with protocols as outlined. Next, in the fifth place, we salute Rancho Sahuarita AZ, for the same reasons, but also because they have been a long time client for close to 8 years, and we want to thank them for their trust in our team, especially in this difficult season. In our third and notable spot is our installation for an on site production for the Hallmark Channel. Once again we were called upon to create Christmas in the middle of summer, however what made this installation unique was that it was our first client following the Covid-19 outbreak. As our first step back into our new world of public gathering guidelines, restrictions, and unknowns, it was a significant milestone of 2020. In addition to this, we also created a wonderful centerpiece to a community winter skating scene for another Hallmark holiday movie. Near the top of our list we introduce our ChillLIVE Entertainment performances in the number two and three spots, which we launched this year, and will continue to promote this season and beyond. These type of live events that feature our dazzling performers and talent often find themselves at the top of our favorites as they delight audiences in so many ways; the visual, the sound, the experience. It seems fitting that we both started, and ended 2020 with ChillLIVE experiences. Finally, the top spot is reserved for the best of the best, and the Ice at MGM Plaza continues to be our top venue production each year, as it features everything we as a company have to offer. A great skating rink, equipment services, qualified hosts, skating services and ChillLIVE entertainment and more. We look forward to returning to MGM and expanding our Chill Plaza rink pkgs in 2021 and beyond. 2021 is underway, and we continue to be optimistic as everyone sets their sights towards the upcoming summer and holiday seasons. We value the continued support of our loyal clients and are working hard to develop new concepts, and services to maintain our vision and brand, even in uncertain times. Can’t wait to see what 2021’s top ten list may bring. The CHILLSkates Top 10 of 2020

  1. Ice at MGM Plaza

  2. W Hotel Scottsdale

  3. Sugarland, TX

  4. 3481 Inc, Hallmark movie

  5. Rancho Sahaurita, AZ

  6. Deer Park, TX

  7. Area15, Las Vegas

  8. Grand Canyon University

  9. Tofino, BC

  10. Big Bear Barn CA

Honorable mention: Somerset, PA


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